TNSDS Charges

TNSDS 2020/2021 Charges

Note: Values in brackets ( ) are 2019-20 Season Charges. The new 20/21 charges take effect from the 22/7/2020

Access charge: $0.23/kilolitre of hectare allocation ($0.23)
Meter charge: $0/meter/year ($50). This charge has been removed.
Usage charge: $0.27/kilolitre registered on the meter ($0.27)

WaterNSW & WAMC combined High Security charges are as follows:

Access Charge: $16.26/ML or $0.01626c/kilolitre ($15.96/ML or $0.01596c/kilolitre)
Usage Charge: $16.69/ML or $0.01669c/kilolitre ($16.38/ML or $0.01638c/kilolitre)

Note: The TNSDS Ltd. is its own separate entity, delivering Stock & Domestic water through an underground and independent pipeline system to its Members for Stock & Domestic purposes only.

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