TNSDS Charges

TNSDS 2022/2023 Charges

Note: Values in brackets ( ) are 2022-23 Season Charges. The new 2023/24 charges will take effect from the 21/7/2023

Fixed Charges. $/ML

Details High Security General Security Usage
WaterNSW charges $22.70 ($21.21) $4.43 ($4.14) $24.35 ($24.35)
WAMC charges collected by WaterNSW $1.59 ($1.45) $1.59 ($1.45) $1.92 ($1.76)
WAMC Murray-Darling Basin Authority charges $0.51 ($0.47) $0.51 ($0.47) $0.36 ($0.34)
Total Charges collected by WaterNSW $24.80 ($23.13) $6.53 ($6.06) $26.63 ($24.84)
TNSDS Access Charge $0.33/kilolitre of hectare allocation ($0.23)
TNSDS Usage Charge $0.27/kilolitre registered on the meter ($0.27)

Note: The TNSDS Ltd. is its own separate entity, delivering Stock & Domestic water through an underground and independent pipeline system to its Members for Stock & Domestic purposes only.

Description of TNSDS Charges

  • TNSDS Access Charge = is the administration and general access charge for TNSDS Members.
  • TNSDS Usage Charge = is water delivered to a TNSDS Member through an approved metered outlet.
  • WaterNSW & WAMC Charge (Usage) = Recovers the cost of on-river (bulk) water services provided and charged for by WaterNSW and water management services provided by and charged for by the Water Administration Ministerial Corporation. WAMC charges are determined by IPART Act and the WAMC determination.
  • WaterNSW & WAMC Charge (Fixed) = To set the level of this charge, TNSDS combines the WaterNSW & WAMC charges set out by IPART for the forthcoming year.
  • For more information, please refer to the IPART website at


TNSDS – Notes, Explanations & Links

  • Class of Water / Catchment = Water is from the Water Sharing Plan, Macquarie & Cudgegong Regulated Water Source 2016. Link to the Water Sharing Plan =
  • Accounts / Charges = Are paid on a quarterly basis. Overdue accounts over 90 days will receive a 20% late payment surcharge.
  • Account Inquiry / Disputes = Any inquiries or disputes regarding TNSDS charges should be emailed to with the details of the queries / dispute to be considered at the next TNSDS Committee Meeting.
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