TNIS Charges

2023/2024 TNIS Charges

TNIS Charges Note: Values in brackets ( ) are 2022-23 Season Charges. The new 2023/24 charges were approved by the TNIS/TNCL Committee on the 29/06/23 and will take effect from the 15/7/2023.

Fixed Charges. $/ML

Details High Security General Security Usage
WaterNSW charges $22.70 ($21.21) $4.43 ($4.14) $24.35 ($22.74)
WAMC charges collected by WaterNSW $1.59 ($1.45) $1.59 ($1.45) $1.92 ($1.76)
WAMC Murray-Darling Basin Authority charges $0.51 ($0.47) $0.51 ($0.47) $0.36 ($0.34)
Total Charges collected by WaterNSW $24.80 ($23.13) $6.53 ($6.06) $26.63 ($24.84)
Operating & Maintenance $20.97 per Delivery Entitlement per annum ($20.94)
Termination Fee $209.70 per Delivery Entitlement surrendered ($204.40)
Stock & Domestic Member Charges will be levied separately by the TNSDS and are listen in TNDS charges.
Usage Charges At River At Farm Gate @ 10% Losses
Pumping & Delivery Charge $22.87/ML ($22.59) $25.41/ML ($24.29)
WaterNSW/ WAMC* Usage $26.63/ML ($24.84) $29.59/ML ($26.71)
Total Per ML $49.50/ML ($47.43) $55.00/ML ($51.00)
Riparian Water Surcharge (Charged for additional water once 100% of Delivery Entitlements have been pumped) $35.75/ML at farm gate ($34.80)
Supplementary Water Surcharge On top of normal water charges to cover power demand charges that occur during supplementary events. $20/ML @ farm gate ($20.00)

TNIS Charges - Delivery Entitlement Permanent Transfer Rules

In general, Delivery Entitlements are transferable within the TNIS / TNCL channel system, upon application to the TNIS / TNCL Boards. Transfers must be to land portions that are included within the TNIS Works Approval and be accompanied with the transfer of the corresponding number of TNCL shares.

Transfers upstream are generally allowable without restriction.

Transfers downstream or to another channel branch are subject to channel capacity restraints and will be considered by TNIS / TNCL on a case by case basis. Flow restrictions may be applied to protect the flow rates of existing Members on the branches.

All costs (if any) of the transfer, including any changes to the channel infrastructure, are to be paid by the transferring Members.

All Delivery Entitlements must be delivered through an approved metered farm outlet.

TNIS Termination Information Statement

Date of information statement: 1st July 2023

Period this termination information statement is valid for
1st July 2023 to 30th June 2024

The general termination fee quoted in this termination statement is valid for a period of twelve months after this statement has been approved and is based on TNIS 2022-23 schedule of charges.

This termination information statement is current at the time of publication.

Termination Fees are:
10 years O&M charges of the current schedule which is $209.70 per Delivery Entitlement surrendered.

Description of TNIS Charges

  • Operating & Maintenance Charge = Covers the cost on all operations of maintaining and running the Scheme.
  • WaterNSW & WAMC Charge (Usage) = Recovers the cost of on-river (bulk) water services provided and charged for by WaterNSW and water management services provided by and charged for by the Water Administration Ministerial Corporation.
  • WaterNSW & WAMC Charge (Fixed) = To set the level of this charge, TNIS combines the WaterNSW & WAMC charges set out by IPART for the forthcoming water year.
  • Termination Fee = Cost per Delivery Entitlement surrendered / terminated by a Member of the TNIS/TNCL.
    Riparian Water Surcharge = Cost of the delivery of water in a season in excess of the volume of water Delivery Entitlements held by a Member.
  • TNIS Pumping Charge = The standard cost of delivering water on a per megalitre basis to a Member under that Member’s Delivery Rights.
  • Supplementary Charge = A charge of $20/ML on top of normal pumping charges to cover power demand charges when pumping Supplementary Water.

TNIS - Notes, Explanations & Links

  • Class of Water / Catchment = Water is from the Water Sharing Plan, Macquarie & Cudgegong Regulated Water Source 2016.
    Link to the Water Sharing Plan =
  • Accounts / Charges = Are paid on a monthly basis. Overdue accounts over 90 days will receive a 20% late payment surcharge.
  • Account Inquiry / Disputes = Any inquiries or disputes regarding TNIS charges should be emailed to with the details of the queries/dispute to be considered at the next monthly TNIS Committee Meeting.
  • Delivery Entitlements = Is the TNIS Member’s share of the capacity of the TNIS channel system.
  • Delivery Rights = Is the rights held by a Member of TNIS for all types of available water under the TNIS Constitution.
    WAL Shares = Is the number of shares each Member has in the Member owned co-held WAL.
  • The TNIS Budget Committee consults and sets the forthcoming financial year budget as soon as the TNIS has been provided the WaterNSW and WAMC water charges along with the water allocation given for the next water year. These charges are generally provided by WaterNSW, WAMC & DPI Water in the last week of June and sometimes the first week of July. This budget is then approved by the TNIS Committee on the last Thursday of June (the same week as the Budget Committee Meeting) and updated to the website that day once approved. TNIS regrets not having the budget available 14 days prior to the 1st of July as required by the ACCC rules. However this is not possible due to the timing & release of the WaterNSW charges and water allocation announcement. This is what drives the budget calculations.
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