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Trangie Nevertire Irrigation Scheme (TNIS)

TNIS Pre Modernisation 1973 - 2011

The Trangie Nevertire Irrigation Scheme (TNIS) evolved as a concept out of the Vigilance Committee. It was formed in 1958 to protect the interests of district landholders, in the event of an anticipated Government endeavour to resume lands in the area for an irrigation settlement scheme.

The Government intended to allow private developers to take up and use water rights available as a result of the construction of Burrendong Dam. Subsequently, some farsighted men, notably J. H. Hamblin, W. J. Mathews – and a number of past members of the Scheme Committee – moved in 1965 to form an organisation. Its primary goal was to seek an allocation of water to be used in an off-river Irrigation Scheme.

The success of their endeavour saw the start of the long and difficult job of constructing a system, to serve 66 members. Accordingly, construction of works commenced in March 1970 and water was run for testing in April, 1971.

The works were then applied to their first commercial purpose in July, 1971.

Eventually the Scheme was completed in 1973. It was officially opened by the Hon. G.F. Freudenstein MLA, Minister for Conservation, on the 4th of May. A small plaque was erected at the pump Station. It proudly stated that the foundation Chairman and prime instigator of the Scheme was Mr. J. H. Hamblin.

The late Mr. J. H. Hamblin was the inaugural Chairman of the Formation Committee from 1965 – 1967. The Trangie Nevertire Irrigation Scheme was then founded in 1967, in its present format. The first Chairman was Mr. J. C. Walker.

Finally, in 1968 the Trangie Nevertire Co-operative Ltd, (TNCL) evolved as a separate legal entity to the TNIS, with each member of the TNIS having shares in the TNCL.

Brief Statistics


Farms Served

35.5 km

Subsidiary delivery channels

101,984 Ha

Area Served

180 km

Length of Main Channel

21,450 Ha

Irrigated Area


Annual additional production attributable to irrigation on this scheme

Where we are now

An Irrigation Infrastructure Modernisation Success Story

TNCL Irrigation Infrastructure Modernisation Project involved transfer of most of the saved water entitlements to the Australian Government – in return for funding to totally modernise the irrigation infrastructure of the Trangie-Nevertire Co-operative Ltd, both off-farm and on-farm.

This project was recently recognised at the World Irrigation Forum and International Executive Council held in Bali in September 2019 where it received an ICID Watsave Innovative Water Management Award.

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